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Consultancy Services It is Envirocare's endeavor to add value to its customers' business operation through experience, knowledge & skills, in following areas of specialization to meet your special needs


  • Pre & Post-occupation Due Diligence or Environmental Site Assessment – To assess the environmental liabilities of an existing / proposed or potential manufacturing activity as per ASTM Phase I and II standards. Many Corporate Houses & MNCs follow this procedure as an essential corporate regimen / guidelines, especially for their new properties / establishments.
  • QMS/EMS Audits – To ensure preparedness and/or determine level of conformance prior to certification and/or surveillance audits for ISO 9001-2000, ISO/EMS-14001, ISO 17025:2005, ISO/FSMS 22000.
  • Hygiene & Food Safety Audits – For medium / large scale Food Supply Chains, such as, Food Manufacturers, Suppliers, Retail Chains, Hotels, Food Courts, Industrial Canteens, etc., as a quality check surveillance tool and/or to determine level of preparedness for conformance with IS/FSMS 22000.
  • Preparation of Environmental Statements – A Statutory requirement as per EPA norms
  • Baseline Data Collection – To collect exhaustive data on environmental status through implementation of well conceived sampling plan and testing norms. Envirocare Labs has to its credit successful completion of World Bank Project for environmental mapping of Republic of Madagaskar.
  • Corrosion Monitoring & Testing – To determine the effect of environment on the performance of expensive sophisticated electronic installations, such as in IT Parks, BPO’s, etc.
  • Water Audit – As a tool to determine status of Water Consumption, Usage, Discharge for industries having high consumption of water and to determine areas for conservation, waste minimization, recovery & re-use.




Trivia :
Did you know that phenolphthalein was used as a laxative for almost 100 years? Its use was stopped because of concerns over its poteintial carcinogenicity.