Education & Training

Education & TrainingEducation & Training

Education research shows that, organizational culture is the single greatest factor in professional learning & achievement and that managers, policy makers and thought leaders have the most influence on that culture.

Gains & Paybacks

Identifies : Hidden talent
Ensures  : Consistent quality
Provides : Greater Focus
Produces : More effective / Productive efforts
Clarifies : Concepts
Promotes : Growth, Expansion, Modernization
Prevents : Obsolescence
Develops : Problem solving ability

Envirocare Centre For Continual Education offers Power of Knowledge Certificate Courses

Training Modules:

Instrumental Analysis – GC, GC-MS-MS, HPLC, AAS-Graphite, UV-VIS, ICP
(Unit Processes, Calibration, QC-QA, Data Acquisition, Applications, Method  Validation, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting, Live Demos)

Environmental Monitoring & Analysis – Sampling Techniques, Methodologies, Protocols, Standards
Quality – GLP, ISO-IEC 17025, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 22000 FSMS
(Clauses, Documentation, Implementation)

Environmental Legislation
Food Hygiene Safety


  • Modern World Class Training Centre
  • Core Team of Expert Faculty
  • Flexible, Innovative & Interactive
  • Tailored Training Solutions on request-to achieve strategic objectives
  • Special Student Training Batches


Trivia :
Did you know that solid carbondioxide is called as Dry Ice and is used as a cooling agent?