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Environmental Testing

Environment TestingEnvironmental Testing

Envirocare Labs provides a complete range of services for organic and inorganic analysis, using classical wet chemistry as well as modern instrumental analytical techniques, enabling us to meet the environmental analytical needs of customers.

Effluent / Waste Water

  • Analysis of samples from various  locations like Inlet, Outlet, Aeration Tank, Clarifier etc. from waste water treatment plant 



  • Air monitoring at Work Place, Ambient, Incinerator Stack, DG Stack and Process Stack locations
  •  Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Noise Monitoring, Illumination Studies, Corrosion Studies and Meteorogical Studies


Soil / Sludge / Hazardous Waste

  • Mobile metals and semi volatile organics as per Toxicity  Characteristic Leachate Procedure TCLP as per EPA 1311.
  • Analysis as per CPCB Schedule II Guidelines (Class A to E).




Trivia :
Did you know that the chemical structure of benzene was revealed in a 'dream' to the German chemist
F. A. Kekule in 1890?