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The succes of any Testing Service lies in the sound knowledge of 'Analytical Chemistry'. It is a branch of chemistry that helps us understand composition all the matter, natural as well as artificial. Traditionally analytical chemistry has relied on techniques like titrimetry and gravimetry. Modern analytical chemistry however, is dominated by instrumental techniques like Chromatography, Crystallography, Microscopy and Spectrometry.


At  Envirocare, it is a perfect blend of Traditional and Modern Analytical Techniques, in a manner that satisfies customer's testing needs.


The testing methods followed at Envirocare are Standard or Official methods like IS, AOAC, APHA, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA etc. Customer Methods or In House Methods are also followed in some cases, to suit the customer needs.


A glance at the testsing services available at Envirocare will give you an idea of various analytical facilities available at the laboratory.



Trivia :
Did you know that a fresh egg when placed in water will immediately sink and lie on its side? An egg that floats in water signifies that it is no more fresh!