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Specialized Analytical Services

Specialized Analytical Testing Over the years, Envirocare Labs has gained the confidence of its growing clientele, to be their trusted partners in scientific & developmental initiatives.


At Envirocare we carry out 

  • Analysis of Toys as per BIS guidelines
  • Analysis as per GOTS and REACH guidelines
  • Analysis of Electronic Items as per RoHS guidelines
  • Analysis of various gases like CO, CO2, Methane, Oxygen, Ethylene Oxide (ETO), Nitrogen and Moisture etc.
  • Analysis of Briqutte and Oil Samples
  • Impurity Profiling of various chemical and pharmaceutical products
  • Mechanical Testing for Packaging Materials  - plastic containers IS 15410 and polyethylene flexible pouches & films IS 15609 
  • Analysis of concrete samples


Besides these Envirocare is also involved in Method Development and Validation of analytical methods.  Envirocare welcomes challenging assignments, which typically involve close scientific interaction to carefully assess the specific need/s of the customer before proceeding with designing of the protocol for each method development & its validation, quality checks, etc.




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