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Dear Esteemed Visitor,

Thank you for your time to visit our website. If you are in search of a Reliable, World Class Testing and Consultancy House, for sample referrals / outsourcing, method development / validation, specific analysis, quality assessments and inspections, training or even career opportunities, you have come to the right address.

A quick search through the pages would give you an overview of our infrastructure, technical resources, accreditations, accomplishments and expertise, thus narrowing your search and giving us an opportunity to quickly respond to your first call. We stand committed to live up to your trust through our dependable customer friendly services. Satisfied customers are truly our bloodline, who have kept us scaling higher and spreading wide since 1979. Presently, we are serving customers from about 30 countries across the globe, a key performance indicator and a measure of customer trust & goodwill, which we hold in high esteem.

We are just a click away from you and shall appreciate if you could register your interest in one or more of our expert services in the Customer Request Form or simply contact us.


We at Envirocare LabsTM value your web visit and look forward to bring value addition to your business on a sustainable basis…

Dr. Nilesh Amritkar
Managing Director


Trivia :
Did you know that the chemical structure of benzene was revealed in a 'dream' to the German chemist
F. A. Kekule in 1890?